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Back until about 7 years ago, pyramiding steroid use was thought to be appropriate, only now we have found that its a waste of time because the half-life of the steroids dont change based on dosage, so there is no point in the pyramid. Where are the anti estrogens? Where is the PCT? Where is the Testosterone? Well, back in Arnold Schwarzeneggers time, these things didnt exist. People went on cycles and hoped their genetics would prevent bloat, gynecomastia and permanent testicular atrophy. Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle, tweet, advanced Steroid Cycles, so, you like the way Arnold looks? Those big arms, that barrel chest, those biceps that are unmatched to this day! Lets face it, Arnold was a god among men when it came to all bones and small waist allowed him to compete at a tiny 220lbs., but look like he was 250lbs. Almost 30 years later, we have a lot more knowledge of proper cycling and post cycle management. Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle: Weeks. Primobolan Enanthate (Injectable dianabol (Dbol) (oral deca Durabolin (Injectable week 1 600mg / week 60mg / day, week 2 600mg / week 60mg / day, week 3 600mg / week 60mg / day, week 4 600mg / week 60mg.

The man was just amazing. Most guys want to know, what was Arnold on? Well, we have are brining to you the m underground exclusive article about, arnolds cycle There will be minor changes. We will show you s cycle then we will show you what you should add to it, like aromatase inhibitors or serms and PCT. In Arnolds day, neither aromatase inhibitors nor PCT was heard of or done, it just wasnt a part of the equation.

M now presents to you the new age Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle, as done by our team. Week Anavar Dianabol Clenbuterol Winstrol 1 40mgs/day 100mgs/day 40mcg/day 50mgs/day 2 40mgs/day 100mgs/day 40mcg/day 50mgs/day 3 40mgs/day 100mgs/day OFF 50mgs/day 4 40mgs/day 100mgs/day OFF 50mgs/day 5 40mgs/day 100mgs/day 40mcg/day 50mgs/day 6 40mgs/day 100mgs/day 40mcg/day 50mgs/day 7 40mgs/day 100mgs/day OFF 50mgs/day 8 40mgs/day 100mgs/day 40mcg/day.

There you have it, now you too can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, use our new age cycle and grow!

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