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Moving from one operating system to another, however, is a bit more involved, and problems arise when transferring email, contacts, calendars and internet bookmarks (or favourites). Heres how to transfer all three between Android devices like the Motorola Moto G or, tesco Hudl and iOS, as used on the iPhone and iPad. Weve assumed youre using the standard apps and/or storage on each device, rather than third-party apps that store their data in their own ways. One thing to note is that since different Android smartphones use different versions of the operating system, the screenshots below may not resemble what you see on your screen.

Let us know in the Comments section below. Non-Google) calendar and contacts is trickier and while there are ways to do it by using a computer as an intermediary, its simpler to use a free smartphone app. Install Copy My Data on both your iPhone and Android smartphones and make sure both are connected to the same wi-fi network before continuing.

Tap, add Account, tap, google and enter your main Google account details  the one you use on your Android smartphone. When prompted, leave the. Mail, Contacts and, calendars options enabled, so that all three are synced to your device. For security reasons, your Apple device will display a PIN that youll need to enter on the Android smartphone. The app will then guide you through the process of copying your data (and photos and video, if required) from one smartphone to the other. Launch the app on both devices and tap Next on each. Then, on the Android phone, select your iPhone when it appears and select the Copy data from selected device option to copy data from the iPhone to the Android phone.