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The two children, a boy and a girl, are from different backgrounds and do not at first get along. Clarke Fountain, Rovi. This film focuses on the experiences of two small children in Nazi-occupied France who, for their own protection, are placed with a somber family of Protestant farmers. It should be noted that French Protestants had been much-persecuted, were less numerous than Jews, and could be expected to have some sympathy for the plight of Jews under Nazism. Pic et pic et volegram relates in four seasons the struggle between the two youngsters, Mina and Jeannot. As she comes from a cultured home with strong family ties, she suffers from her present life and withdraws into a make-believe world. - IMDb. The boy is rough and uneducated, sees things as they really are and refuses to make believe. Pic et pic et colegram is the round of their alternating victories and defeats as they discover Hunger, War and Death.

Pic et pic et colegram, beschreibung: It is autumn, 1943 - the Nazis are tracking down underground members and eleven-year-old Jewish girl's father has her hidden away on a lonely farm in the Cevennes mountains. They also have their first glimpse of love when, as summer comes, France is liberated. Mina and Jeannot know that they must say goodbye. Their childish squabbles are over. A love is born that can no longer mature! There she discovers two worlds very different from her own, first that of a farmer and his wife with very rigid Protestant customs, then that of a boy her own age whose irresponsible parents have more or less left him to fend for e can accept the adults but she fights with the boy.

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