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From landfill to Smithsonian collections: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Remember that trove of discarded Atari games that was excavated from a dump in Alamogordo, New Mexico earlier this year? The Tularosa Basin Historical Society of Alamogordo has started selling some of them, including copies of the infamous Atari 2600 version of E.T.

James then pulled out the E.T. Cart from its box. The camera cut to him putting the game into the Atari, the only kind of editing I saw remotely in the episode.

The only one on the "JamesNintendoNerd" channel was "Ghosts N Goblins" (For whatever reason lately he's been releasing brand new ones on Youtube as oppose to usually releasing them on Gametrailers) so I watched it. Review. And maybe it's best he never does.

He then found a hammer (Like in his Nintendo World Championships episode) and started to break every single one of his systems and games. The screenshot I took of the avgn crying, all while quietly singing his theme song. The comment read "ET" and that was all, so I clicked on the name out of curiosity. It took me to a channel much like James' channel. There was one video named "avgn-ET atari 2600". The Extra-Terrestrial, on eBay. Each game includes a certificate of authenticity. About 100 games, including Atari 2600 hits like, centipede and, defender, are currently up for grabs. Auctions begin at between 50 and 100.