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Watch: 'PLL' Boss Talks Time-Jump Weddings Revealing 'A'. How would you describe Tuesday's face-to-face finale with 'A'? Marlene King: It's very heartfelt. There are certain scenes where you see 'A' as a young child several times in the finale, and it's just like, 'Oh my God!' It's just such a great story, I'm really proud of it. Even when I started pitching it years before the cast even knew. We didnt tell the network until last year who it was. People's mouths just dropped because it all clicked, and it was so layered, and it just made so much sense, and you just know it's good. It's here - it's finally here! After five and a half seasons of text message torments, nightmare-inducing presents, and multiple near-death experiences, it's time to come face-to-face with 'A' in tonight's. It had to be this person. So they only have to wait about 15 minutes or so? MK: Maybe 20, I dont remember how long it is. News: 'PLL' Stars React to 'A's Identity: 'I Was Shocked!'.

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It's really ending and there's a very complete end to this circle. Pretty Little Liars ' summer finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. What do you think 'A' is? Then, scroll down and read our in-depth interview with King to find out how long fans will have to wait before their answered are revealed, the lengths they've gone to keep the identity of 'A' a secret, and why this finale is the most "heartfelt" episode we've ever seen. Wendy Wunder, more in Authors, movies, the Clique, frenemies, sex Drive, sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. More in Movies, news, a Day in the Life at AE, entertainment Industry News. What Were Listening To, what Were Reading, what Were Watching, more in News.

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