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Véhicules d'Occasion gemy

Later in the report period they were seen in the company of the females from the Eyrefield Pride. It appears that the Rollercoaster Males are now well established with the Eyrefield Females, and hopefully there will be new cubs on the way soon.

Rollercoaster Male and Eyerfield Lioness - Photograph by ranger Wesley Neuman. Most sightings were of one or the other males mating with one of the lionesses, although they were seen with the whole pride on a few occasions.

They are magnificent male lions and have very dark black manes, and this makes them appear even more formidable. Rollercoaster Male - Photograph by ranger Chris Galliers, the Rollercoaster Males have been roaring with the Eyrefield Lionesses on Charleston, Flockfield and Mala Mala farms. Could they have created a vacuum for other male lions to fill, perhaps even their sons in the Selati pride that are nearing the point where they will no longer be welcome by the Rollercoaster Males?

The only other sighting was of just one of the Rollercoaster Males, two weeks earlier, on Charleston. October 2005 The three Rollercoaster Males seem to be back with a vengeance and even the weakest one looked to be in much-improved condition. They have not been seen mating with any of the Eyrefield Pride lionesses although they are consistently flirting with them. It is very evident that the Rollercoaster Males have now taken over the Eyrefield Pride lionesses and are the self proclaimed Pride Males!

At least 2 of the lionesses have been seen mating with the Rollercoaster Males and we can therefore expect cubs within the next 100 days. The future is looking good for the Eyrefield Pride as the Rollercoaster Males are in their prime and will certainly be around for the next couple of years at least.