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To enter a hole one would simply have to run into it, and to get out press the space bar, and press up. After the player is out of the hole, they have to press down before releasing the space bar as to not fall out. This is problematic for a few holes that are close to the edges of the screen, and can be exceptionally frustrating trying to navigate out of once in. Perhaps Nietzsche's quot; "if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" was foreshadowing the holes in this game. Historians are also infamous in labelling certain events or individuals with specific titles, and these titles can transcend into a plethora of philosophic mental engagements in trying to determine what each title actually means. Doubtlessly primitive by modern standards, but it they stand out on the Atari as it is not a black background, unlike a lot of games. It is usually distinguishable as to what is what, for the most part, but some items do require the player to have read the manual, so the visuals are not perfect. One of these titles is a legend, which will be the primary focus. What is classified as legendary is somewhat murky, but it is a term that is easy to use carelessly, as the term partially entitles something humans do not fully understand.

Nonetheless, one way or another, there is a charm to it and can be rather amusing. Movie based games rarely been great (LJN showed that time after time) but E.T is often cited as the worst, and one of the worst of all time.

Released June 1, 1978. With several technical problems, and just a repetitive game play it is doubtlessly a bad game. However, for what it is it is worth, it is not the worst: In its respect, the game was an experiment, an innovation of sorts, along with other late Atari2600 games to try and expand games to include a definitive end rather than proving to be.