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Y en A Marre chords, tabs and lyrics by Léo Ferré

Written by Marc-Andre Boisvert Translated by Thomas Seligmann). An article on m explains the story behind the movement this and all subsequent links in French. The group does not hold anything back on its Facebook page: The time has passed for moaning in your living room or futile complaining about power cuts. Free music collection, here you can enjoy music or file Léo Ferré - 16 - Y'en a marre compositions. 2shared gives you an excellent opportunity to store your music files as you found Léo Ferré - 16 - Y'en a marre here and share them with others.

As the uprisings continue across the Arab World, several incidences of angry young people have sprung up on Senegalese websites. Since early March, this activism has left the web behind and a group calling itself Yen a marre (enough is enough) has now become the main symbol of the protests. The outcome: several hundred young enthusiasts, but most notably, the police who were on the lookout under the shadow of the obelisk did not use any tear gas. To keep its momentum, the group has given itself a new objective: mobilise young people and give them a voice in anticipation of the 2012 presidential election. Theyre always quick to complain but never do anything about it. Yen a marre will only succeed in the challenge it has set itself if it helps to wreck the Interior Ministers plan to leave all young people who dont support the Government off the electoral roll!

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