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(They may talk less or withdraw.) How can the extravert improve communication? (Give the introvert time and opportunity to speak.) How can the introvert improve communication? (Make an effort to communicate.) A sensing and an intuitive type are on a date. Instructor Notes: Mary, the extravert, is speaking in a loud voice and not giving Carol the opportunity to communicate. She gets frustrated and withdraws. It would be better for Mary to wait until she is not upset to discuss the situation with Carol. (The thinking type will try to analyze it.) How will the feeling type approach the problem. (The feeling type will want to talk about feelings.) How can the thinking type improve communication? List an example of being impervious that might apply to the above scenario. Use the feedback button to look at other examples. Impervious, deny Feelings, deny Perceptions "So you think one workshop prepares you to handle discipline in a real situation, huh!" \"Positive discipline, what a silly concept!\ disqualification, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Rac. The perceptive type likes creative disorder. How can they resolve this conflict? (Discuss the options of understanding, communicating, respecting differences or compromising.) A handout, Communication Scenarios, is available for this exercise. (Listen to feelings without analyzing them.) How can the feeling type improve communications? (Try to understand the logic.) A judging type and a perceptive type are married. The judging type likes to keep the house neat and orderly.

The handouts, Your Personal Communication Style and, communication Exercise are a good follow-ups or a summary of this exercise. These handouts are in the printed edition. Practice with Communication, scenarios promote lively and relevant discussion in the classroom.