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Coucou zut Actu Zut

To r.: Nan Kempner and Jean Marc Pagliai; Stephanie Powers; Bobby Short. L. To r.: Anna Louisa and Merino Ferraz; Merino Ferraz with Oscar Wyatt and Merino's sister and mother. Bob Mossbacer with Joan Collins and Percy Gibson Diana Quasha Jim Mitchell and Kristina Tholstrup (Kiki Moores daughter) Inaara, the Begum Aga Khan with her mother Jean Marc Pagliai gave a. The oligarchs are shipping their ill-gotten billions out of Russia quicker than you can say Ali Baba. In the meantime, very old ladies in St Petersburg are begging in order to eat, and old soldiers are vainly trying to sell their medals for an apple or two. Flocky is the granddaughter of the late Arphad Plesch and she is the mother of Arky Busson who has two children with the model Elle Macpherson who live a hop, skip and a jump across the water in Majorca.

The Bourbons are staying at the apartment of her son Prince Serge of Yugoslavia near the palace in Monaco. Serge seems to have caught the matrimonial bug himself, having just announced his engagement to Eleonore Rajneri, a prominent lawyer in France. All Russias wealth seems to be here in St Tropez and in London. Humongous superyachts, colossal houses, gargantuan egos, prodigious amount of hookers, all surrounded by mountainous bodyguards. By comparison, even the kleptocrats of Arabia look conservative. After all there was dancing on their terrace which overlooks all of St. Jean Cap Ferrat until the moon went down and the sun came up. From Taki s column High Life in this weeks (London) Spectator :. Ingresso 10,00, acquista, iN, prevendita, a 11,50.

Oscar has been giving these parties for thirty years. This year there was a full moon when the 70 guests headed for the Villa Romano on the Moyene Corniche. There was Kate and Steve Wyatt and their two children Katherine and Ford, (Lynns grandchildren if only she were old enough Joan Collins and Percy Gibson, the Begum Aga Khan, Inaara.