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The apartments of the sovereigns evoke all the pomp and splendour of the French court ; antechambers, drawing rooms, ceremonial rooms, the Council Room and the Throne Room all paint a vivid picture of the life of the monarchy. Liste des dépositaires - Office de tourisme - Arrêt Château - 4, rue Royale - Tabac du Carroussel - Arrêt la Poste - 25, rue Napoléon Bonaparte - Tabac des Halles - Arrêt Eglise St-Louis - 19, place de la République - Tabac du Château Arrêt Château 3 Place du général de Gaulle - Tabac le Lorraine - Arrêt Lorraine.

Visit documents available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japonese. Audioguides available in French, English, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japonese, from 1). Ligne 2, avon: Gare - Gambetta - Fontainebleau - le Bréau - Crevat Jaurés. Ligne 3, avon - Gare - Centre Ville - Fontainebleau - le Bréau Crevat Jaurès. Ligne 4, fontainebleau - Stade - insead - Crevat Jaurès - les Pleus - Avon. Gare - Samois - Samoreau - Vulaines - Héricy, ligne 5, héricy - Vulaines le Bas - Avon Gare. Ligne 6, samoreau - Vulaines le Haut - Avon Gare, pour en savoir plus, consultez le site de Transdev: m.

From here, Napoleon I abdicated on Private Apartments, located on the ground floor of the château, they complete the changes made for Napoleon I, who wanted two private adjoining apartments, one for himself, and the other for Josephine (later occupied by Marie-Louise).

There are also rooms that were reserved for the use of the Emperors close advisors and the Stag Gallery. Musée Napoleon I, opened in 1986, several rooms display historical memorabilia relating to Napoleon and his family during the Empire (1804-1814).